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Club Policy and Dress Code

Dress Code

Members are reminded of their obligation to ensure they (and their guests) dress in a manner that is in keeping with the Club’s standards, particularly in the Harbour Dining Room and Members Bar. Dress is business attire or smart casual.


Shorts, T-Shirts, and flip-flop style shoes are not acceptable at any time. Informal headwear is not permitted unless it forms part of National dress or is for medical or religious purposes. Joggers and sportswear may only be worn in the gym or when accessing or departing the gym through the garage. Jeans are permitted on the basis that they are clean, not stained or torn.


  • Gentlemen as a minimum, are required to wear a collared dress shirt, with long trousers and covered footwear.
  • Ladies are expected to dress with commensurate formality according to the occasion and within the spirit of these rules, for example slacks with appropriate top, conservative dress, etc.
  • Children less stringent standards of the above policy may be applied to children under 16 years of age than those aged 16 and above.

Please note that any National dress or Military uniform is allowed at any time.


Harbour Dining Room - Breakfast Period 

Members and guests may wear casual attire during the breakfast period; however, no shorts or joggers are permitted. Members and guests must change into appropriate attire before accessing other areas of the club.


In House Members and Guests 

Casual attire may be worn when:

  • Entering and leaving the club (including check-in and check-out)
  • When accessing or leaving the gym facilities. *Members and guests in sportswear please enter and exit via the garage.

Management retains the sole discretion to refuse entry and/or service to those people not complying with the above regulations and is the sole arbiter of acceptable standard of dress.


Definition of ‘Guest’ 

In accordance with The Registered Clubs Act, the definition of a “guest” is a person: a) Whose name and address are countersigned by the members and entered in a register kept for this purpose by the Club, and b) Who, at all times while on the Club premises, remains in the reasonable company of the member, and c) Who does not remain on the Club premises any longer than the member.


Electronic Devices 

Members’ and guests’ personal electronic equipment of any kind must be switched off or on silent mode, throughout the public rooms, corridors, and staircases of the Club. Where use of electronic devices is permitted, under the following Regulations, this must be discreet and must avoid disturbance or inconvenience to other members.


Mobile Phones, iPods, and other palm-size electronics may not be used in any public areas other than:

  • In the Stranger’s Room, Telephone Booth, Business Centre, Members Bar, and Pioneers Room, solely for the purposes of: sending and receiving Emails and text messages; making and reviewing diary entries.


The use of larger electronic devices (defined as all apparatus larger than palm-size, this includes: laptops and tablets) is prohibited in The Harbour Dining Room and all corridors and staircases; however, iPads and similar devices may be used in designated areas of the Harbour Dining Room. At all times, these devices must be on silent.


Membership Cards

Members are reminded that they are required to swipe their Membership card to gain access to the Club and gym. Cards should be presented to staff in the Harbour Dining Room and Members Bar upon request. It is also a legal obligation for Members to sign their guests into the register and remain in their company until departure. If you have misplaced or forgotten your card, please see Reception.



Animals are not permitted, except guide/assistance dogs.



Smoking is only acceptable outside the building and (by law) at least four meters away from any entry/exit.