Tuesday 19 October
12PM | $75

Trafalgar Day Feature 19102021

Join the Australasian Pioneers’ Club for the Annual Trafalgar Day Lunch with special guest, Richard Broinowski AO.

Was Tōgō Japan’s Horatio Nelson?

Richard Broinowski AO will compare the capabilities and characters of the two men, shaped as they were by profoundly different cultures

Heihachirō Tōgō, was a mentor of Emperor Hirohito and architect of Japan’s emergence as a naval power at the beginning of the 20th century. He was nick-named the ‘Nelson of the East’. Is the appellation justified?

Richard Broinowski AO, is an author and retired Australian diplomat. His first posting was to the Australian Embassy in Japan following the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. After subsequent postings in Rangoon, Tehran and Manila, he became Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, then to the Republic of Korea, and finally to Mexico, with joint accreditation to the Central American Republics and Cuba. He has authored six books.

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