Trafalgar Day Lunch
An Australasian Pioneers' Club Luncheon in conjunction with the Royal Automobile Club of Australia

Trafalgar Sep Feature

Speaker: Mr Warren Reed
Tuesday, 22 October, 12 Noon, $70

In a joint event with the Australasian Pioneer’s Club, the Royal Automobile Club of Australia invites you to join us in commemorating Nelson’s famous victory at Trafalgar.

Nelson’s success at Trafalgar demonstrated fundamental dimensions of the craft of intelligence that remain unchanged over many centuries of naval and military history. Even in our modern electronic world, the need for human spies has not disappeared.  It was human intelligence that gave Nelson and his colleagues the crucial advantage that led to victory at Trafalgar.

A graduate of both Tasmania and Tokyo universities, Warren Reed first worked for an Australian resource company in Japan before being recruited into the Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS). After training with MI6 in London, he served as an intelligence officer for ten years in Asia and the Middle East. Later, he worked as a consultant to Australian firms operating in Asia, published a number of books on the region and was for three years the chief operating officer of the Committee for Economic Development of Australia.  More recently, he has advised Australian companies on international strategic and geopolitical issues and has written and lectured on intelligence and security matters.

The luncheon will be reflective of the finest naval tradition of fine food, plentiful wine and port.

Bookings are essential. Please contact the RACA Events Team on 02 8273 2320 or email