13.11.18 - 12:15PM - $65PP
Dress Code: Lounge Suit (medals may be worn)

A joint event with the Australasian Pioneers’ Club 


The Meaning of Victory in 1918
Speaker: Dr Bruce Gaunson

There has never been a victory so great, decisive and crucial, that has been so badly underrated and harshly denounced by the victors themselves. How did that damning verdict become so accepted? What would be a more balanced assessment of the Allied victory? 

Historian, author, school master and cricket coach, Dr Gaunson is well known for his third book, Fighting the Kaiserreich, Australia’s epic within the Great War, which portrays a modern epic - an army that sailed across the world to fight the most formidable campaign Australian troops have ever fought. Their story is presented within its original context – the events and realities of the Great War itself. 

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