Ladies Committee Luncheon
26 August 2019 12pm | $65
Guest Speaker, Karen Grega

Ladies Comm Aug Feature

For experienced Sports CEO Karen Grega, an unassuming bag containing 28 rolls of undeveloped BxW films, stored unknowingly for over 60 years, kicked-off an amazing journey, with sporting fields giving way to WW2 battle fields in Eastern Europe and cane fields in North Queensland.

Piecing together the lives of her Father and Uncle from these amazing photos and sketchy stories relayed by both whilst still alive, Karen is tracing their escape from war-torn Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia), to life in a displaced persons camp in Ludwigsburg, Germany, followed by life on board migrant ship ‘Anna Salen’, before settling in Tully for two years as cane-cutters for the Queensland Government.

This is a story of the hardships her Father and Uncle lived through during these times and their determination to seek a better future as ‘new Australians’, arriving with not much more than hope.

However, this story is far from over as Karen soon embarks on a trip to Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia in search of answers to the six ‘missing’ years of her father’s life.

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