Corks 'n' Forks Tasting Tour - 'A Bevy of Blends'

Thursday 18 August | 7pm | $120


Our next event will be a tasting/tour on 18 August titled ‘A Bevy of Blends’, when we’ll be comparing red and white wines produced from a blend of one or more different grape varieties, and comparing them with wines made with the same grape variety but from either a single vineyard or two or more vineyards.

The intent of blending is to ensure the finished wine will be better than the sum of its parts. The intent of our tasting/tour will be for Corks ‘n’ Forkers to test that theory over a range of 12 or so carefully chosen red and white wines.

For those who’ve not been before, our tasting/tours are relaxed, informal and educative evenings designed to appeal to those members and their guests seeking an introduction to the wonderful world of wine or to expand their existing knowledge. The wines are served in several flights, accompanied by small but ample food courses chosen by Chef to match the wines.

Bookings are essential: | (02) 8273 2320 | RACA App