Tuesday 8 February
12PM | $75

Proclamation Day Lunch APC 08 02 22 Feature

Australasian Pioneers’ Club, invite you to attend the Annual Proclamation Day Lunch with guest speaker Margaret Cameron-Ash.

Beating France to Botany Bay: The Race to found Australia

The Battle of Port Jackson was perhaps the British Navy’s most significant victory of the eighteenth century. It ensured that this country received England’s evolving parliamentary democracy instead of the absolutist monarchy of France. It provided English as the lingua franca across the whole continent. It shaped the history of the eastern hemisphere.

Margaret Cameron-Ash’s new book, Beating France to Botany Bay reveals the vital piece of intelligence that triggered William Pitt’s sudden decision to send an occupation force to Australia. It also follows Louis XVI’s courier who rushed from Paris across Siberia to Kamchatka to deliver a letter to Rear Admiral Laperouse, ordering him to sail straight for Botany Bay.

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