Dunbar Lunch
An Australasian Pioneers' Club Luncheon in conjunction with the Royal Automobile Club of Australia

Mixed Signals from South Head

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Speaker:  Margaret Cameron-Ash
Tuesday, 20 August, 12 Noon, $70

Why did a sailor as curious and diligent as James Cook resist the temptation to enter Sydney Harbour?

Margaret Cameron-Ash will discuss the British Admiralty's role behind several of Cook's inexplicable blunders, such as 'missing' Bass Strait.

She has subjected Cook’s journals and charts, filed away from the public by the Admiralty for 200 years, to forensic examination, which she believes answers the doubts, puzzles and queries raised by J.C. Beaglehole, Cook’s renowned editor and biographer.  Cook’s discoveries had to remain secret until Britain could afford to send an occupation force to fortify the place and keep out the French; hence Cook’s journal and charts were censored for publication.

Margaret Cameron-Ash is a lawyer, a former visiting fellow at the University of New South Wales and the author of Supreme and District Courts Practice. After working in Sydney and London, she widened her area of research to include early Australian history in the politics of Europe, with a special interest in cartography.

Copies of her book, Lying for the Admiralty: Captain Cook's Endeavour Voyage will be available for purchase.

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