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Membership Fees 2024/2025

Please note that our membership period runs from 1st July to 30th June of the following year.



  • Town Membership - $2,475 

Permanently resides within the area bounded by the City of Wollongong to the South, Katoomba to the West, and the City of Newcastle to the north.



  • Country Membership - $1,705

Elsewhere in New South Wales.



  • Interstate/Overseas - $1,463

Permanent place of residence is outside NSW, and the ACT; permanently reside outside of Australia.



  • Corporate - $1,463

Minimum 5 active members to register and maintain corporate membership. 



  • Under 40s - $1,463

Under 40 years old.



  • Defence/Emergency Personnel - $200 special offer; full fee to renew membership

Satisfy the Board that they are or were a member of the Australian Defence Force or an allied or kindred Defence Force; satisfy the Board that they are or were an Emergency Services employee.



  • Associate - $1,463

When applying for associate membership are the partner, or a child aged less than 30, of an existing member.