Club Updates - August

Truffle Hunt

As the first light of day broke through the morning sky on the 16th of July, we made our way to the Trufferiere in Oberon to embark on a complete sensory experience. Along with 19 members, we had the pleasure to join Mr Col Roberts, along with our Executive Chef, Rebecca Kaye, in a one of a kind experience. From sharing a truffle themed charcuterie platter, to watching Floyd (the Trufferiere's truffle hunting dog) enthusiastically track down the truffles; the day was one that most definetly will not be forgotten. With the success and positive feedback that we have already received; we have locked in our next date (Saturday 21st July 2018), which is sure to be just as exciting!


Harvard Krokodiloes

On its 35th Annual Summer World Tour, a 12 week journey that will take them to 23 stops in 17 countries. On the 8th of July, we had the pleasure of welcoming back the Harvard Krokodiloes to perform for our members and guests; after a well-received performance last year.

The Harvard Krokodiloes are Harvard University's oldest and finest a capella singing group. With twelve undergraduate men brining popular music of the Great American Songbook, as well as more traditional aires.Accompanying the soiree was a delicious two-course meal of thyme scented chicken and buttermilk panna cotta.

In tradition to their motto Nunc Est Cantadum! (Now is the time to sing!). Members and their guests thoroughly enjoyed the performance and on
behalf of the RACA, we would like to thank the Harvard Krokodiloes for coming back to perform for us.

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