RACA Motoring - October Update

The RACA Motoring event calendar for 2017 is designed to continue the Motoring origins of our Club and develop an interesting programme of events that will appeal to all RACA Members. Some events appeal to dedicated motoring enthusiasts while others will appeal to members who enjoy a pleasant drive to a place of interest, with a long lunch or meeting with friends and fellow members at The Club.

Fluid Friday in Members Bar held on the last Friday in each month continues to attract Members looking for an informal gathering.
It is a great opportunity to catch not only with our Motoring Pals, but also other Members in the relaxed atmosphere of Members Bar.

Our Annual meeting last month saw a group gather to share discuss ideas about Motoring and some broader matters relating to the Club.
We think some positive outcomes will develop for the benefit of all Members.

This month will see the RACA trophies contested at Sydney Motorsport Park in SA, SB and SC classes. Last year, Member Peter Eppel presented the winners trackside.
We look forward to another exciting event of wheel to wheel action.

Nov 11-12: Historic Racing at SMP Eastern Creek (RACA trophies to be presented)
Dec 8: Christmas Drinks

RACA Motoring Events: Alan Hunt, 0438 290 639
[email protected]

2017 HSRCA Summary Festival November

HSRCA Summer historic Racing Festival poster.

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