RACA Motoring October 2020

In July we held our first Fluid Friday for many months with a small group of members and I’m pleased to say that the next one held at the end of August had double the attendees. It was held on the same evening as the Young Members event and it gave us an opportunity to welcome new and prospective members to our Club.

The Motoring Steering Committee recently sent out a one question survey to members who have asked to stay in touch with our group. It is time for us to start thinking about other types of events as the restrictions are slowly eased and we would like feedback from all members on what types of events would be suitable. In a “normal” year the Motoring Group would have several events including the Annual Dinner and Motoring Tour as well as other motoring clubs with specific cars visiting the Club.

Suggestions we put forward include new automotive technology, electric vehicle or industry presentations or even private new car launch evenings. If you would like to provide comments, then please send them to Simone Keir at marketingco@raca.com.au, so that we can plan events that are desirable for all members.

For any further information please contact Stephen Wells via
motoring@raca.com.au or https://www.facebook.com/RACAMEG

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