RACA Motoring - November 2018

For the first time our September Fluid Friday was conducted in the Pioneers’ Room with 20 people gathered for dinner. It was a gathering of muted exuberance derived from the joy and respect engendered by the ambience of this beautifully  restored room. Those of us with a great interest in restoring older automobiles may have a special appreciation for the design and work invested in this most attractive room.

RACA Motoring people would like to express their appreciation of the Australasian Pioneers Club for their contribution to the enhancement of the RACA club rooms. 

Fluid Friday is a rather informal gathering initiated by RACA Motoring but open to all RACA members. It is held on the last Friday of each month, except November and December when we have a special Christmas Fluid Friday in mid-December, this year on Friday 14. All members welcome, any time after 6:00pm for dinner, a few drinks and jolly good company.



Sunday  4 November  a Motoring run to Southern Highland  with a BYO picnic lunch at Burradoo in the garden of RACA Member David Flynn. This run will include an inspection of David’s car collection and also the collection of his neighbour, Member John Milverton.

On Sunday 2 December RACA motoring will visit the race meeting for historic cars at Sydney Motor Sport Park. This event is conducted by The Historic Sports and Racing Car Association. At this event the 2018 winners of the RACA trophies will be decided.

Friday 14 December we have our traditional Christmas Fluid Friday. All RACA members welcome for dinner ordered at the Members Bar meal and few drinks.

For more information about RACA motoring activities contact Alan Hunt on T: 0438 290639 or E: hunts@optushome.com.au

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