RACA Motoring March 2021

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We held the 1st Motoring Quiz recently and after a close battle, the victors were the HSRCA team of Peter E, Peter D and Geoff P. The quiz, held in the ISC Room, was between five teams of three and was competitive over all four rounds of 10 questions. In fact the winners margin was a single point! The questions covered a range of years: veteran and vintage, the intranet-war years, the golden age of the 40s - 60s and then after the 1973 Fuel Crisis. An example question was: “In 1938, what did the RACA encourage to be painted on the Harbour Bridge?” The answer is below. The next quiz will be held in May and I hope to see more teams entering!

The first Motoring Podcast was published recently with some great feedback and we are in the process of producing the next one, so look out for a note to advise of its release!

Did you know ... that the valet parking at the Club is one of the cheapest in the city and certainly the safest! If you are heading into the city, remember to park at the Club - with the new light rail, there are now many options to get you to your final destination.

Quiz answer: it was lane markers!

For any further information please contact Stephen Wells via motoring@raca.com.au or https://www.facebook.com/RACAMEG

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