RACA Motoring - February Update

The RACA Motoring event calendar is designed to continue the motoring origins of our Club and develop an interesting programme of events that will appeal to all RACA Members. Some events appeal to dedicated motoring enthusiasts while others will appeal to members who enjoy a pleasant drive to a place of interest, with a long lunch or meeting with friends and fellow members at the RACA.

Visit our Facebook page to see something of our past activities and to see what RACA Motoring events are coming up. www.facebook.com/RACAMEG

We extend a warm welcome to all RACA Members to attend any of our upcoming RACA motoring events.


We trust all members had an enjoyable festive season and we look forward to you joining us on some of our planned events this year.

We will start the event calendar with Fluid Friday in Member's Bar on Friday 23rd February, where we welcome all members to come along to this popular informal gathering.

Our list of planned events will follow next month, so do be sure to make space in your diary to those events which may appeal. Future Fluid Friday dates are March 23rd and April 27th

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