RACA Motoring February 2021

Welcome to 2021 and what will be a much better year for our Club! The Motoring Group is powering ahead with ideas for events and other items and look forward to seeing our members in Macquarie Street as often as possible.

Fluid Fridays
We will continue with our Fluid Fridays on the last Friday of each month - and these are open to all members and are genuinely fluid, with many conversations and connections to be had. We especially welcome our new members to these evenings as they are a great way to meet other members and enjoy a relaxed evening at the Club.

RACA Motoring Quiz
On the 17th February, we will be holding the inaugural RACA Motoring Quiz. Open to teams of three, we will find out who has the best automotive brain with four rounds on Veteran & Vintage, the Inter-War Years, the Golden Era (40s-60s) and After the Fuel Crisis. Which team will be crowned in RACA glory? Register your team today to enter!

RACA Motoring Podcasts
We have also instigated a new series of podcasts focused on our members. Each one is a relaxed conversation with a member discussing topics such as why they joined the Club, their background and their car history. A byproduct will be that these recordings will act as a repository of first hand accounts of important events held in Australia and overseas. Over time we will interview a wide range of members both city and country based. Look out for the first one - coming soon!

For any further information please contact Stephen Wells via motoring@raca.com.au
or https://www.facebook.com/RACAMEG

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