RACA Motoring - December/Jan 2019 Update

The 2018 Winners of the RACA Trophies for Production Sports Car racing will be decided at the Historic Sports and Racing Car Associations meeting at Sydney Motor Sport Park on Sunday 2 December. These trophies represent a long association with Historic Sports Car racing with the oldest of the trophies dating from 1986. RACA motoring enthusiasts will be at the meeting to wander around the pits, greet old friends, admire the cars and congratulate the winners.

The next gathering of RACA motoring enthusiasts will be on Friday 14 December when we have our Christmas drinks. Like Fluid Friday this event will be an unstructured gathering based on comfortable socialisation among members and friends. There is no program and no fixed arrival or departure time but we suggest arrival sometime after 6:00pm. This event will be held in the delightful Pioneer’s Room. All RACA members are welcome

All of us who participated in the 2 November run to the Southern Highlands would like to thank RACA member David Flynn for hosting a delightful picnic lunch in the gardens of his Burradoo home. We should also thank David’s next door neighbour, John Milverton for his guided tour of his extraordinary garage and highly desirable motor cars.

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