RACA Motoring December 2020

By the time you read this, I will have presented the RACA Trophies to the Sa, Sb & Sc Class Winners of the HSRCA (Historic Sports and Racing Car Association). This has become a time honoured tradition and the actual cups are usually on display in the Members Bar, along with the smaller trophies that we then present to the winning drivers. I will provide details in the next newsletter as to the actual winners as the season hasn’t yet been finalised at time of print. Despite all the social restrictions, the HSRCA has managed to keep their events going with very limited access for non-competitors. I’m sure the racing was just as competitive as a normal year!

The Annual Motoring Dinner is usually the formal hand-over of the trophies and sadly this year we were not able to host the event, however I would like to share some good news relating to last year’s topic: “Balancing The Grid - Women in Motorsport, a Positive Future”. I have kept in contact with Race Chix Motorsport, who are focused on encouraging more female participation at all levels of Australian motorsport. They are increasing in size and expect to have a busy 2021 full of events to showcase their race training. If any member would like to know more about this organisation then please contact me and I’ll facilitate an introduction and we will certainly host one of their events at the RACA!

For any further information please contact Stephen Wells via
motoring@raca.com.au or https://www.facebook.com/RACAMEG

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