President's Message

It is a humbling privilege that I write to you as your 22nd President.

Thank you for your valued membership and the way that you sustain your Club through your endeavours.

I acknowledge the work of the previous Board and the leadership of the Immediate Past President, Michael Callanan, who led the Board through a tough and challenging period with grace and aplomb. Thank you to Jim Warren, Graeme Jones and Nigel Renton for their distinguished service, on your behalf; all of whom will be missed around the current Board table.

Congratulations to Stephen Wells on becoming Vice President and to Peter Reed on becoming Treasurer and I very much value this opportunity, as part of the Executive, to serve together.

May I thank all my Board colleagues Robert Armitage, Michael Callanan, Michael Harrison, Stephen Hathaway, Morgan Kelly, Peter Reed, Stephen Wells and Christine Wright for their trust and ongoing support as we take the next stages of your Board’s journey together.

God bless my late parents who instilled in me the values of hard work, perseverance and that actions always speak louder than words.

I pledge to work tirelessly, proactively and collaboratively to honour our strong traditions, respect your current views and forge new pathways that will sustain us long into the next 120 years.

I am keen to share thoughts with you and see you - with the return of evening dining along with Member events - from November 1st.

Our Club is more than a building - it’s our way of life.

Yours in Service,

M Lavender signature 1

Megan Lavender.

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