President's Message June

Your Board is delighted to welcome new permanent CEO David Fischer. David is an established leader in founding and managing global hospitality, digital, and media businesses. I know David, pictured in the centre (of the first photo), will be thrilled to meet you when you’re in the Club. I am most keenly anticipating the ongoing opportunity of working closely with him to strengthen your Club in the years ahead.

A number of you have recently asked me about matters finance and you can be assured that the Board is constantly reviewing the Club’s financial position and our Club Treasurer can advise us that April’s surplus, pre-depreciation, was $35,000. Total revenue was up twenty-nine percent over April 2021 and food and beverage up twenty-nine percent over the same period. Additionally events and functions are up two hundred and thirty nine percent over April 2021. As well a further $8,500 has been donated to the RACA Foundation. May I thank all members for your ongoing support of the Club through your endeavours and efforts including by bringing family, friends, neighbours and colleagues to share Club experiences with you.

I was thrilled to attend the Motoring Committee’s Tenth Anniversary event with Co-ordinator Ian White and founding Co-ordinator Alan Hunt, and there recently well-attended Fluid Friday dinner when guest speaker, Jeanne Eve described how we all draw strength from COVID in that we know now how much we all enjoy being able to meet face-to-face in a true sense of community. It is with great expectation and enthusiasm that I envisage the Motoring Committee’s future events and displays.

It is with great delight that I encourage all members to view the stunning artworks of Kevin Ng in the Harbour Dining Room. When Kevin first showed me a small sample of his works, on his phone, I was captivated by their beauty and serenity. The Board happily shared this enthusiasm and thus readily accepted my proposal to have - for the first time - staff art on display in the Club. Pictured is Kevin’s favourite artwork Peony White Plum.

You will have seen our accounts departments has sent out your Club renewal for the 2022/23 year and we all look forward to you continuing to support our wonderful Club. A further practical way to show your support (and also to make a tax deductible contribution) is to donate to the RACA Foundation’s RACA 500 campaign before June 30th. Donations can be made directly by clicking this link and you can also contribute by purchasing one of the beautiful cards or prints with artist and member Marta Madison generously donating her watercolour painting of the Club’s entrance and allowing it to be reproduced for all to enjoy; order online merchandise by clicking this link or contact Reception on (02) 8273 2300.

You will have noticed that we have several new staff whom are already contributing to the running and ambience of your Club. Please introduce yourself and welcome Dyanne, Gayu, Mele and Michael to the Club as you encounter them on your next visit.

See you in June for the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty, Jazz, Jaunts of Vivid, Joie de vivre of Tango, Joys of Youthful Whisky and so much more!

Yours in Service ,
M Lavender signature 9


CEO Introduction David Fischer in the centre with Doug and Megan 2

Pictured above - COO Doug Grand (left), CEO David Fischer (centre) and President Megan Lavender (right).

National Trust Heritage Tour Motoring2

Pictured above - Attendees on the Club’s National Trust Heritage Tour join the Motoring celebrations. 


Pictured above - President Megan Lavender with staff Member Kevin Ng and one of his artworks displayed in the Harbour Dining Room.

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