President's Message - July

Vale Ross Griffith Wagland

The month of June 2018 saw the passing of Ross Griffith Wagland, a Life Member and Past President and significant contributor to the Club.

The retired Supreme Court Justice Bergin wrote the following obituary which eloquently and succinctly describes the professional life of Ross as a solicitor who imparted significant influence on his distinguished legal pupil:

Ross was an extraordinary man and everything a new solicitor would want as a master/supervising solicitor. His clients loved him but also respected him. He had the most general practice in the profession in the early 1980s - from thoroughbred racing to auction houses to directors and trustees and the individual needing help. His was a special practice that today (sadly) could not survive in these modern times of specialization. It was a privilege and a pleasure to be one of his many new solicitors working under his guidance.

Ross gave his time generously to the Club and guided many Boards and managers in operating and refurbishing the Club, a Club that was dear to his heart. In his latter years whilst living in Glen Innes, NSW, Ross always attended important functions at the Club and informed himself of current developments, and contributed to any controversial debate with wisdom, practicality and objectivity.

On behalf of all members of the Club we extend our sincere condolences to his family and many friends. Ross will be forever remembered for his fine stewardship at the Club and as a warm, eloquent, generous and sincere person.

Margaret Dawes-Smith OAM

At a special meeting of members on Monday 25 June 2018, as we farewell one treasured Life Member of the Club, the members of the Club unanimously endorsed the nomination of Margaret Dawes-Smith OAM as a Life Member of the Club, and indeed our first female Life Member (and may there be many more of them in the future).

A Club nurtures and maintains a solid membership by providing a place where people of common endeavor can meet, network and enjoy their special place away from the normal pressures of business and life in general.  Margaret has over many years  sustained an energy, commitment and popularity which has led a Ladies Committee, who like no other, have complemented this special place with monthly events of enormous variety.

Again thank you Margaret on behalf of all members for your contribution, now over 25 years strong, and to all of our lady members for there support and loyalty.

Snooker Steeped in Australasian Pioneer History

For members who may not frequent the Snooker room on level 2 (Elizabeth Room) we recommend that you make a visit to view the collection of the many Australasian pioneers whose framed photographs are variously hung in the Elizabeth Room.

Our Australasian Pioneers membership will complete a refurbishment of the Albert Room (to be renamed the Pioneers Room) in the near future to further add to our heritage and history.

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