President's Message - December/January Update

Dear Members,

114th Annual General Meeting

The Club held its 114th Annual General Meeting on 19th October 2017.

The following resolutions, in addition to the usual business of such meetings, were unanimously passed:

  1. The adoption of  an updated Constitution which provides all classes of voting members with a single vote per member, and qualifies such members the right to nominate or be nominated for the Board of the Club, and the Constitution is now on the Club’s website.; and


  1. The nomination of Mr Gavin Frederick Crichton Thomas as an Honorary Life Member of the Club for his exceptional and distinguished service to the Club over a period of up to 20 years as President, Treasurer and Director.

Mr Thomas has written to the Club thanking all members and the Board for the honour of being so nominated as follows:

“Dear Members,

In 1987, when I offered myself as a candidate for the Board of the Club, I had no idea that I was going to be still in that position 19 years later (I almost made 20 years).  Times were difficult but I was lucky to be serving alongside other Directors who had similar aims to mine but who were their own people.  This meant that ideas and aims had to be thoroughly prepared and argued.  Board meetings were interesting.

I do not propose to mention any Director by name (I do not want to offend by omission) but I will mention two employees being Richard Nelson and Allan Jordan.  Both gentlemen were employed as the CEO of the Club at different times and both postponed their personal plans and endeavors to remain with the Club whilst the Club dealt with difficult problems that existed at those times.  In my opinion all members are deeply indebted to Richard and Allan.

I also wish to thank my former business partner (Mark Roufeil) for his understanding when I was absent from our office as often as I was), the members of my staff (for their tolerance) and my partner Jenny who not only assisted me but put up with the long hours that I spent involved with Club affairs.

I offer my apologies to all members as I was unable to be in attendance at the last AGM when members accepted a proposal that I be elevated to the position of Honorary Life Member of the Club.  It is an honour that I did not expect, particularly as so few Honorary Life Memberships have been granted in the past.

Not being in attendance I was unable to formally accept this great honour but in this letter I wish to convey a humble thank you and to wish the Club and its members a long and successful future.”


Australasian Pioneers Club

The Board has been negotiating for several months with the Australasian Pioneers' Club (APC) to have the APC become a corporate member of RACA and relocate from the Union, University & Schools Club, introducing an initial minimum number of 30 with a potential for more of its members to join the corporate class and enjoy all benefits of our Club. We are pleased to advise that at its EGM on 21 November 2017, the members of APC present at the meeting voted by a 78% majority to accept the RACA proposal to join as a corporate member, which will include holding all of its annual functions and events at RACA. RACA will provide a home for all APC members, and its artwork and memorabilia of great significance to Australian history. Over the coming weeks we will finalise the agreement and relocation and welcome the APC and its members, who will complement the traditions of RACA and the Women’s Pioneers Society who are already associated with us.

115th Club Birthday Dinner – Saturday 17 March 2018

We ask that members make note of this important event to be held on 17 March 2018. We are pleased and honoured to have received an acceptance from His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley AC DSC (Ret'd), Governor of New South Wales and Mrs Linda Hurley as guests of honour at this event. We look forward to seeing as many members as possible to celebrate such an important milestone in the history of the Club.

Christmas Closure

As members may be aware last year we commenced a two phase refurbishment of air conditioning systems within the Club premises. The second phase is to be commenced during January 2018 and requires the closure of the Club premises to perform such building invasive works. In addition refurbishment of some accommodation rooms will occur.

Any closure is not ideal for the Club and its members, particularly during a holiday season which includes an Ashes test and other similar activities which bring members to Sydney. In future years where a necessary closure is not required the Board is considering financially viable ways to minimise, or even eliminate, any closure of the Club where possible, having regard for not only members but also the annual leave requirements of its management and staff.

The Board thanks all members for their loyalty to, and use of, their Club during the year, and expresses its gratitude to Mr Friedler and all staff at the Club for their committed and much appreciated support of members and the Board.

The Club thanks all Board members for their many hours of voluntary committee and Board services.

We wish all members, management and staff a happy and restful Christmas with their families. We will all return refreshed and bind together to continue the success and traditions of our Club.

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