President's Message - August

Thank you to all members who have supported our Club so strongly over the last twelve months. Your support is reflected in the 2022 financial results, posted on the Noticeboard, as well as the website, with a significantly better than budget outcome achieved.

Our Treasurer, Peter Reed, reports that our Operating Surplus/(Deficit), based on the Profit and Loss before depreciation or EBITDA (pre-audit), for the 2022 Financial Year was negative $34,284. This is $302,675 ahead of the budget and $40,229 better than the pre-COVID 2019 Financial Year. The turnaround in the figures, the Treasurer has provided, shows that it is through your actions – as members – that better results can and are being delivered. The Board has also thanked Management for their work in this especially considering that for four of the twelve months in the year your Club was subject to lockdown of full operations followed by ongoing restrictions. As promised, you can view the results, which are for the period ending 30 June 2022 via the following link:

As a consequence of the further investigation and review of the needs to serve members and guests, on all dining levels, the Board has determined to improve the use of both the Level 4 and Level 7 kitchens first utilising the $52,000 from the Foundation. At the same time the Board has noted that the works to the Level 3 kitchen will form part of a larger renovation and upgrade project for the Members’ Bar. To this extent the Board is seeking your help in obtaining any photographs of the Members’ Bar which show the “long bar” that occupied the space in front of the current bar running lengthways. Please email if you can help.

Your ongoing and consistent support, especially of events and your patronage of the Club, is the very essence of what makes our Club great. Thank you so much to all those who continue to bring family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to the Club. If you would like to introduce anyone to membership you could suggest trying a seven-day membership with the details easy to complete by clicking here

To provide initial encouragement you can share the What’s On events page of the RACA website:

Note that as a valued member you can also access these details personally via the RACA APP:

RACA App QR Code3

Additionally, with travel borders continuing to re-open, you can share details of the reciprocal Clubs that you have access to around Australia and across the world. The list can be found here and I am most pleased to advise that a new Club, being Missouri Athletic Club, will be added to this list having recently been approved by the Board with several other new Clubs currently under review.

As always, your feedback on these, as well as any matter is welcomed. Our new CEO is doing a sterling job of passing on correspondence that remained unseen by the Board previously so please be assured that follow-up is occurring with outcomes being monitored. Thank you for your patience in receiving a reply and resolution to any matters that you have raised or drawn to attention. May I also take this opportunity to commend CEO, Daid Fischer, and COO Doug Grand, for their work in building a refreshed RACA staff team. These changes have necessitated some interim, transitory arrangements, and I thank all members for your assistance and support over that period. There is now a new staff system in place that is currently and will serve the Club well in this financial year and beyond.

Your Board is also aware of the need to proactively seek feedback and connect with members’ and I am delighted to advise that the Board has endorsed my recommendation to take the Board ‘on the road’ in 2022. This will require your formal approval, at the Annual General Meeting, and as such will thus need to practically happen after that time.

In this same vein the Board will be proceeding with a workshop with urban environment solutions group Hatch Roberts Day. It is expected, with in principle approval granted, that the direct outcome of this workshop will be to: have a comprehensive review of the Clubhouse building, conduct economic modelling on building opportunities, ensure consideration of all Council requirements, provide a wholistic perspective for the first time and decisively – with your input and integrally your support – make a definitive determination on the plan for the current Clubhouse which will enshrine its place, at 89 Macquarie Street, for another 120 years.

See you in August for awesome stories associated with the Wreck of the Dunbar, amazing blends with Corks ‘n’ Forks, asininity of Nelson’s Folly with the Ladies Committee, art, artisans of writing including with the Women’s Pioneer Society and history plus an abundance of additions!

Yours in Service,

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