RACA Motoring November, 2019

The Steering Committee of the Motoring Group met recently to plan out the next few months activities that will include a mix of events - both internal to the RACA and externally where we will fly the club flag. We are also reviewing how to share and communicate better with the club membership so that everyone will know in good time when and where our events will be held.

Of course, our regular catchup is on the last Friday of each month - our “Fluid Friday”. This is an opportunity to meet members from all walks of life and not necessarily a car enthusiast, in fact most of the conversations are far from the topic of motoring. Attending a Fluid Friday is a great opportunity to meet your fellow members and enjoy their company. We are a social lot!

Following on from comments made during the recent election process, we would like to state that the Motoring Group is not at all elitist - we have members driving all sorts of vehicles from modern saloons to classic sports cars built in long lost factories. You will find almost every type of vehicle in our group!

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