Motoring Enthusiast Group News - August


 The advancement of motoring and the pursuit of motoring activities was the foundation on which the RACA was built. Today, Royal Automobile Club Motoring provides activities available to all RACA members. Some events appeal to dedicated motoring enthusiasts while others will appeal to members who enjoy a pleasant drive to a place of interest together with a long lunch or meeting with friends and fellow members at The Club.

You can also visit our facebook page to see something of our past activities and to see what RACA Motoring events are coming up.

Do try and  make a note of some forthcoming RACA Motoring events and we hope you can join in:



Our “Vintage Sports Cars” meeting held at the Club recently was a truly remarkable event which saw several spectacular vehicles descend into our garage making an evening that will not be forgotten.

We welcomed various VSCC members into Members Bar. All were impressed with our facility with some being re-introduced to the RACA from earlier motoring days. RACA Members ogled the precious metal and many were fascinated by the line-up, which included; Riley’s x 3, Hotchkiss, Vauxhall, MG. Some fascinating accounts from owners kept us entertained.

“Fluid Friday” was on last Friday!!! A special note to all RACA members, why not come along and meet some of us for a drink? No structure, No planning, No Cars! It’s in Members Bar on  the last Friday of each month.

Our Annual Motoring Dinner held last Saturday evening in the Macquarie Room was a spectacular success. More details to come in next month’s Newsletter. Did you happen to see our MG Q race Car in Members Bar over the last two weeks?



Friday 26 August   Fluid Friday, Members Bar

Wednesday 7 September  Annual meeting of RACA motoring group. All RACA members are invited to join this meeting where you can meet your Motoring Steering Committee and discuss plans for RACA Motoring in 2017.

There will be some exciting additions to this annual event, so be sure to put this in your dairy now!

Friday 23 September   Fluid Friday, Members Bar

Sunday 25 September  Invitation to attend Rolls-Royce Owners Club picnic day at Linnwood House, 25 Byron Road, Guildford 2161. This event attracts a good number of classic Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and is supported by several other car clubs.

Wednesday 5 October  Meeting with invited Car Club, BMW Drivers Club. 6pm Members Bar.

Sunday 16 October  Invitation Run Polo Gold Cup

Friday 21 to Sunday 23 October  Invitation to attend Motor Classica in Melbourne which is probably Australia’s premier event for classic car enthusiasts. Our Member Paul Lukes will be displaying at the event this year and will assist with member visits to the event. An evening dinner is planned at the RACV City Club on Saturday 22nd October. Bookings will be required, so please contact Paul as soon as possible if you plan to attend. [email protected]  Remember, as a reciprocal member you can direct accommodation enquiries to the RACV City Club on Collins Street.



Sir Frederick Henry Royce, Maker of the most famous and enduring Motor Cars in history, had stringent staff ideals and some interesting employment techniques. He considered the people working in his company had to be able to think.

One technique he used during  prospective employment interviews was that applicants were given a bag of potatoes to boil on a stove with a choice of various pots. If the applicant put them all in a pot and boiled them up he or she were ushered away.

If the applicant sorted the potatoes into groups of small, medium and large, then boiled them together sized matched, you were deemed to be able to think and your prospects were sound.





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