Message From The President

Dear Members,

After serving as Treasurer for four Presidents, and as President himself from 2004 to May 2017, Gavin Thomas has retired to grace the golf courses of the mid North Coast, interspersed by a well earned rest and travel with his partner Jen.

Gavin commenced as a Director of the Club on 18 June 1997, officially retiring on 5 May 2017, just over one month short of having served 20 years as a director of the Club. His period of membership runs many years longer than that of his directorship.

Gavin has worked tirelessly with his many Boards to ensure competent financial planning across all departments within the Club over many years.  Gavin leaves the Club in a financially secure position which will enable the current and future Boards to continue to provide members with the interest groups, facilities and services which have ensured strength of membership over time.

On behalf of the Club we thank Gavin for his many years of commitment, expertise and service, and wish both he and Jen good health and good times for their future years. We look forward to their continued company within the Club albeit in the more relaxed capacity as valued members of the RACA community.

As the financial year comes to a close, we encourage all members to continue to not only use and enjoy their Club, especially where unused minimum spend, but also introduce new members to the privacy of its gym, the quality of food and wine offerings of its restaurants and bars, and its competitive inner city accommodation and car parking.

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