Message from the President

Dear Members,

With the 116th Annual General Meeting of the Club behind us, and another calendar year almost coming to a close, the Board and management thank members for their loyalty and custom during the year which continues to be instrumental in underpinning the ongoing sustainability of the Club.

All members of your incumbent Board were re-elected for another term of office.  Each member of your Board thanks members for their ongoing support.

The Board and Management will continue to focus on providing the level of hospitality services which members enjoy on visiting the Club, cultivating current and future interest groups, whilst giving attention to the areas of refurbishment required both internally and externally.

The Board encourages all members to support the Club as a whole and commit to increasing membership by way of introduction, offer any suggestions of improvement but above all leave behind any contention.

Your marketing department will continue to commit to various expos and focus on introducing younger members under 40, emergency services members and defence members.

For those of you who could not attend the AGM the Board reported that:

  • the financial years 2011 to 2019 inclusive the Club, a not for profit company, has returned an average surplus excluding depreciation of $113,874 per annum.
  • The total net surplus over those 9 years of trading is $1,024,869.
  • Those results have been achieved after having expensed a total amount of $2.63 million, being an average of $292,236 per annum during those years for repairs and maintenance of air conditioning, lifts, fire equipment and building repairs and maintenance, representing.
  • In addition, your Board has made payments for property, plant and equipment over that time, or capex, totalling $1,671,092 or an average of $185,677 per annum.
  • The small deficit in FY 2019 of $70,000 partly resulted from a year during which the Board approved the installation of a fully integrated computer system at a total cost of approximately $180,000.
  • Our marketing department attended a defence expo during the week, successfully signing up 13 new members. There were 16 new members approved for the month of September 2019, including members signed up at the Motoring Expo and the All British day expo by our marketing team.

The Board anticipates that during the next fortnight our submission will be presented to the Advisory Design Panel of Sydney City Council after which our future direction should be become clearer.


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