Message from the President, June 2019

Vice Patron

The Imperial Services Club, a club for Australian military officers returning from war service, has been an integral part of the history and fabric of this Club since 1986.

Since its incorporation into this Club, bringing with it a history stretching back to World War I, the Club has welcomed many members of all ranks who have served their country with distinction.

In recognition of the traditions of the ISC and our ongoing commitment to maintain due recognition   and keep strong our defence membership, the Board has resolved to appoint Past President and Life Member, Mr Bayne Kelly, as Vice Patron of the Club.

Unbeknown to many of our members, Mr Bayne Kelly and his family are no strangers to foreign conflict. His great-uncle Ignatius Bertram Norris was killed at Fromelles on 19 July 1916 whilst commanding the 53rd Battalion KIA. Bert was a well-known Sydney Barrister when he enlisted in 1915 departing for Egypt in June 1915 as Commanding Officer of the 53rd Battalion in the catastrophic attack at Fromelles, designed as a feint to lure the Germans away from the Somme offensive. Of the 7,000 Australian attackers, 5,533 were killed, wounded or captured on the night of the 19th July 1916. Another great uncle of Bayne Kelly, Lieutenant Frank Coffee of the 24th Battalion AIF was killed in Lone Pine, Gallipoli on 15 Nov 1915.

An artillery observer attached to the 3rd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, Bayne “Gunner” Kelly during the Vietnam War fought for nine hours against a determined enemy after his unit walked into an enemy bunker system in June 1971..Bayne saved several badly wounded colleagues and, under intense enemy fire, tried to extract the crew of a downed Australian resupply helicopter, and was later awarded the US Army Commendation Medal for Valour.

The Board is pleased to appoint a Vice Patron as guardian of our many defence members.

Colonel Haynes

Whilst acknowledging our defence members, it would be remiss to not publically congratulate and acknowledge Colonel Haynes, himself a distinguished military officer, on being awarded the Member of the Order of Australia for over 20 years service to many causes for ex-servicemen and women. Colonel Hayes continues to remain a valued and active member of the Club whether playing bridge or snooker or generally participating and supporting his Club.

Financial Year 2019

Another financial year is all but completed and the Board and Management sincerely thank all our members for their engagement and support during FY 2019. Whilst general expenses such as insurance, electricity and wages increased in line with market, the overall variance was in the order of 2.5%.

Strong member support explains the following positive variances:


YTD 2019

YTD 2018




New members



Harbour Room F & B



Harbour Room Dinners



Members Bar Revenue




Being a not for profit organisation, before depreciation (which has no impact on the Club because it does not pay income tax as its activities are predominately member driven) the Club does not forecast significant surpluses.  As a result of extraordinary general expenses associated with our EGM and ongoing significant repairs and maintenance expenditures and a new fully integrated computer system throughout the Club, the forecast is a small deficit.

Annual subscriptions will be sent out during the month of June 2019 and members will observe a small percentage increase to keep step with expense commitments. This Club still enjoys a significantly lower annual subscription rate to other city Clubs, such as the Australian Club and Union incorporating the University & Schools Club, but reality dictates that we must maintain a strong business case whilst continuing to preserve a prestigious Club for members at attractive subscription rates.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends regularly during FY 2020.

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