Message From the CEO

Dear Members,

Firstly, I hope that you are all well and looking after yourselves; and adhering to the Australian Health Departments advice and staying safe.

As you have seen from my messages to you, and the last message from the Club President, the Club needs your help and support more than ever through these worrisome times.

Although we were trying to take an “open for business as usual” approach, this has all but been stopped due to government restrictions. On top of this, we received more than $300,000 worth of cancellations during the past weeks which will ultimately have a material impact on our net trading position and end of year forecast.

The Club had to stand down staff in the last week and will possibly have to do so again in the coming weeks.

In saying the above, I must respectfully ask all members that have utilised the club’s services in the past months and have not yet paid their overdue accounts to please settle these immediately.

We currently have outstanding house accounts and subscription debts, up to 120 days in arrears, totalling $160,362. Those funds will be an enormous help for us to continue to pay our suppliers, contractors and staff.

Our management team are working tirelessly at present, planning for the future as best as we possibly can in these uncertain times. If payment for services already rendered can be settled as quickly as possible, and we all continue to work together, we are confident that we will see out the current pandemic and its catastrophic effects on all businesses, especially Clubs and hospitality venues.

I would like to advise all members that have previously requested to receive statements and newsletters via email and by post that this will no longer be available. Members with email addresses will only receive statements and newsletters via email. Those few members that do not have an email address will continue to receive printed copies of statements and newsletters.

Members welcomed the recent initiative to assist our elderly members over 70 years of age by offering toilet paper, tissues and hand sanitiser and as of next week we will be offering members the following “HOME MENU FOR PICK UP” and “DAILY TAKE AWAY MENU” - more information to come.

Our motto is “The RACA is NOT SHUT DOWN; we are simply preparing for re-opening”.

I do hope that we all come out of this situation as soon as possible and in great health so my team and I can continue to welcome you all at the club.

All the very best to you all and please stay safe. “We’re all in this together”.

Markus Friedler

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