The Royal Automobile Club of Australia is proud to announce the recent partnership with Legacy, an iconic and uniquely Australian charity dedicated to supporting the families of our veterans who have given their lives or health serving our country.

A permanent fixture at RACA will be Legacy donation boxes which are located in the Reception area and also in the Members Bar. Your spare change can help make a big change. 

Legacy was formed by returned servicemen in 1923 to help ensure that the families of veterans’ did not suffer social or financial disadvantage after the loss of their loved ones.

Today, Legacy supports 60,000 partners and children of our servicemen and women across Australia. Their work can mean a child gets an education and a fair go, a widow is not disadvantaged and alone and a family is not torn apart by the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress or other physiological injuries.

Australia’s Legacy Week appeal (September 1-7) is time for all Australians to show their support for the widows and children whose loved ones have served our country. The Legacy badge is a special emblem of support for our veteran’s families, symbolising our nation’s greatest values of mateship, compassion and fairness.

You can give back to the families of those who have given so much by volunteering your time during Legacy Week. For more information contact volunteer@sydney-legacy.com.au and to find out how to provide corporate support for Legacy, please contact corporate@sydneylegacy.com.au

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