Ladies Committee- September 2021

On behalf of the Ladies Committee, we wish to reflect on the amazing events we have been fortunate enough to have enjoyed thus far, rather than dwell on those which, unfortunately, we could not attend.

In February, we enjoyed a presentation by Mr Scott War, the CEO of Legacy Australia. An organisation caring for the dependents of deceased and injured Australian servicemen and women. In March and June, we heard the fascinating stories behind Australian Author’s Dr John Fahey and Oliver Greeves, and heard what inspired their novels. Finally in May, we welcomed Guest Speaker, Trevor Dean, the Aquatic Airman and learnt of the dramatic formation and history of Trans-Oceanic Airways and the adventures of the founder, former RAFF Squadron Leader Bryan Monkton.

We look forward to the many more luncheons we are sure to enjoy in the near future.

Until then, stay safe.

Mrs Margaret Dawes-Smith OAM
President of the RACA Ladies Committee.

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