Corks 'n' Forks February 2021

Dear Members,

Our first Tasting Tour for 2021 will be on 25 February with the theme “Think local, buy local”, focusing on some of the great wines made in NSW.

The fabric of our wine world is troubled.

The impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic have been far reaching across the wine industry. This came at the worst possible time for many wineries, which were still dealing with ongoing drought, and the catastrophic bushfires of 2019-2020. For winemakers, both production and business has been hit.

Most Aussies love to support small businesses so we thought it would be great to stay close to home for this tasting, and explore boutique wines made in NSW.

For many smaller and family owned wineries who aren’t stocked in major bottle shops, 2020 had a huge impact on their profitability. Some may not survive.

Wineries have had to stand people down without pay. Others have had to drop prices to generate revenue to keep people employed. Supporting smaller family businesses now is paramount.
Come along to the Tasting Tour and discover innovative delicious artisan wines made by our NSW wineries, and buy….and spread the word!!

When this is over, and it will be over, these wineries will hopefully still be there if we support them now.

For those who’ve not been before, our Tasting Tours are relaxed, informal and educative evenings designed to appeal to those members and their guests seeking an introduction to the wonderful world of wine or to expand their existing knowledge.

They are also great value at just $105.

To make a booking, please contact Yvonne Muriithi at the Club on 8273 2322 or by email at

Please also mark in your diaries the following dates for Corks ‘n’ Forks events this year. There may be others, and we’ll keep you posted.

- Tasting Tours - 22 April, 19 August and 7 October.
- Dinners - 21 May (Theme TBA), 14 July (Bastille) and 19 November (Henschke).
- Trip away - Sunday 28 March to Thursday 1 April - a visit to the Orange region, once again supporting our local wineries. More details soon!

We look forward to seeing you at the Tasting Tour on 25 February 2021.

Avril Fortuin
For the Corks ‘n’ Forks Committee

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