Corks 'n' Forks August, 2019

Dear Members

Tasting Tour – 6pm Thursday 22 August 2019

The theme for this month’s tasting/tour is ‘Good Wines from Unexpected Places’, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to the uniform high quality of the wines and the diversity of their origin. We held a similar tasting/tour several years ago, and are doing it again by popular demand. The dozen or so wines will be served in several flights, accompanied by small but ample food courses chosen by Chef to match the wines.

For those who’ve not been before, our tasting/tours are relaxed, informal and educative evenings designed to appeal to those members and their guests seeking an introduction to the wonderful world of wine or to expand their existing knowledge. This month’s tasting/tour will be held in the seated comfort of the Pioneers Room and places are limited.

Given the popularity and value of our tasting/tours – the cost is only $100 per head, it might be a good idea to mark the date in your diary and make a booking. To do so please contact Ash Hucker from the Club’s Events Team on 8273 2320, or send an email to

Bastille Dinner – Saturday 13 July 2019

What a cracker of a night it was! If you missed it, put it in your diary for next year. It had everything – Gallic ambience, wonderful guests all in the ‘glam it up and let’s have some fun’ spirit of the night, 8 great French wines, a stunning menu created by Chef and his staff to complement the wines, and great service.

Highlights were the best dressed prizes awarded to Carol Osborne and Ian Cook, our options game won by Alex Bru, and a visit from Chef and his team who fielded lots of questions from the well fed and watered guests. Roger Butler took these great photos, the rest are on the Club’s website.

Other 2019 Events

Other events for the remainder of the year are our final tasting/tour on Thursday 10 October – theme tba, our Tasmanian food and wine tour from 29 October to 3 November – fully booked, and our Black Tie Henschke Dinner on Friday 29 November, which this year will focus on the significant contribution to the Australian wine industry made by 4th generation Cyril Henschke.

You can book now for these events if you wish. To do so please contact Ash Hucker from the Club’s Events Team on 8273 2320, or send an email to 

Thanks so much for supporting our events this year.

From the Corks ‘n’ Forks Committee

Graeme Jones –, Avril Fortuin -, Brent Halligan -, Roger Butler -

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