Corks 'n' Forks April 2021

Dear Members,

By the time you read this piece, we will have just returned from our 4 day Corks ‘n’ Forks food and wine trip to Orange. The highlights and some photos will feature in next month’s newsletter. In the meantime here’s some news of our next 2 events.

Tasting/Tour - Thursday 22 April
The theme for April’s tasting tour is ‘Australia v South America’, when we’ll have the opportunity to taste and compare some well-chosen Australian wines with comparable South American wines from Argentina, Chile and possibly Uruguay. The 12 or so wines will be selected by Ian Cook from Five Way Cellars in Paddington, who’ll be with us on the night to take us through the wines.

The wines will be served in 3 or 4 brackets accompanied by small food portions specially prepared by the Club’s Chef and his team to complement the wines. We’ll post the details of the wines and the matching menu on the Club’s website closer to the event.

For those who’ve not been before, our tasting/tours are seated, relaxed, informal and educative evenings designed to appeal to those members and their guests seeking an introduction to the wonderful world of wine or to expand their existing knowledge.

April’s tasting/tour will be held at 6pm in the seated comfort of the Pioneers or ISC Room, and places are limited. The cost per head is a bargain $105.

Murray Cod Dinner – Friday 21 May
It’s early days yet, but we want to give you advance notice of this dinner, which will feature the wonderful Australian native fish, Murray cod, cooked several ways.

Murray cod are native to freshwater rivers and creeks in eastern South Australia, and west of the Great Dividing Range in NSW, Victoria and southern Queensland. They were once abundant throughout the Murray-Darling river system, but overfishing and changes to habitat have drastically reduced their numbers. They are one of the largest freshwater fish species, weighing up to 113kg and living nearly 50 years, however their population is declining as a result of, among other things, regulated water flows, de-snagging and extensive clearing of riparian vegetation. They are now endangered, which is one reason they’re now farmed.

One such farmer is Club member Ross Anderson, whose company Aquna Murray Cod farms the fish at Griffith in NSW. Our dinner will have a Griffith/Riverina theme, and will feature not only Murray cod cooked different ways, but also other produce from the region chosen to highlight its iconic Italian heritage. It’s likely the dinner will be in degustation format, which will enable us to match the various fish and other courses with wines sourced from in and around Griffith and the Riverina generally, the quality of which will astound you.

As soon as more details are available, including the price, we’ll let you know. However given the dinner is likely to prove very popular, you might like to pencil it in your diaries now and make a provisional booking.

To make a booking for our tasting/tour on 22 April and/or our Murray cod/Griffith Italian heritage dinner on 21 May please contact Yvonne Muriithi at the Club on 8273 2322 or by email at

Graeme Jones
For the Corks ‘n’ Forks Committee

Pictures below from the Corks 'n Forks Tasting/Tour 25 February 2021

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