CEO Message - August

Dear Members,

Welcome to the 2018/19 Financial Year. A marker that reminds most of us of just how quickly the year is passing and gives me the feeling getting older goes a lot faster than it used to.

I am happy to report that the last financial year had a positive finish and we were once again able to get some major works done in the club. One of which is the Pioneers’ Room which has had a major renovation thanks to our new APC members and I am sure you will all enjoy the new ambience it has brought to the Club.

Speaking of major works, you will have noticed that there is a variety of construction works going on all around the Circular Quay vicinity which sometimes makes access to the club via the garage a bit more challenging than usual, we are doing our best to work with council and contractors to keep you informed of any difficulties with road closures etc.

We are still in our 115th Anniversary year which we celebrated in March of this year and in saying this I think the most important thing you can do to make sure the Club can keep on celebrating milestones like this, is to support the club by referring new members.

Each and every member was at some point invited to be part of our wonderful institution, we urge you to think of how much enjoyment you have gained from your Club, and as such how much another might gain from a referral by you.

RACA has its own unique charm by which we have all been attracted to at some stage – we ask you to share this charm and ambience with those you might think could use their very own private escape.

There are many ways your Club promotes a sense of belonging:


  • A Sense of Tradition Long Forgotten
  • The Haven of Privacy
  • The Appreciation of Style
  • The Pride of Heritage


Membership regeneration is critical to the Club’s continued success, so to propose a new member means that you are making a vital contribution to the longevity and prosperity of your Club’s future.

If you believe that you have a suitable candidate, be it a friend, colleague or family member, who would benefit from an association with The Royal Automobile Club of Australia and equally important, enrich your Club’s membership base, please contact myself or Rafael Ruiz, the Club’s Membership and Marketing Manager.

There are many categories of membership, including Town, Country, Interstate, Defence, Corporate. In addition, the Club can offer temporary Membership to those candidates who may not have the prerequisite support for full membership.

What perfect reason or opportune time than the Club’s 115th year for nominating a new member. Your Club will be all the better for it!  Your participation and support are always appreciated.

The RACA Team and I look forward to welcoming you to the Club soon.


Markus Friedler
CEO/Secretary Manager

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