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Date & Time: Tuesday 23 April 2024 at 12PM 


Ticket price: $95.00 per person


Venue: Macquarie Room




“Operation Jaywick’s Camp X, and the Nazi DAF Camp at Narrabeen Lagoon.”

This presentation will explore two of the archaeological survey projects undertaken by Operation Digger, including the secret WWll training base for Operation Jaywick (Camp X) and the pre WWll Nazi recreation camp at Deep Creek. 

Camp X was a specialised training site purpose-built to train operatives for Operation Jaywick, the highly secretive seaborne raid on enemy shipping in Japanese-occupied Keppel Harbour (Singapore) in 1943. The raid was carried out by members of the Special Operation Executive (SOE) of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), commonly known as Z Special Unit. 

The Deep Creek camp was established in 1937 by the German Labour Front, or Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) at Narrabeen Lagoon and operated until 1939. The camp was established to provide a recreational facility for the crews of visiting German merchant ships while also keeping them away from the potentially corrupting influence of waterside workers in Sydney. Many of the crews engraved the names of their ships and German nationalistic symbols into the surrounding rocks, which can still be seen today. 


Guest Speaker

Stirling Smith

Stirling Smith is an archaeologist and heritage specialist with thirty years’ experience working in Australia and overseas. He has worked extensively on historic and Indigenous archaeological sites with a particular interest in maritime archaeology, military, and polar heritage. In 2021 Stirling founded Operation Digger, a community-based project that is designed to assist military veterans’ physical and mental wellbeing by involving them in recording archaeological and heritage sites.