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21st Century Wellness - Webinar

RACA Gym & Wellness Talk and Webinar No.1
21st Century Wellness: notes from an amateur Bio-Hacker

Wednesday June 26, 5pm
the Event will be held ‘live’ in the Gym on Level 1

Bio-Hacker: someone who uses science and technology to make his or her body function better and more efficiently.
G. Megroz (2024) Bio-hacking - definition Merriam Webster.

Dear RACA Members,

Please come and join the RACA Gym & Wellness Special Interest Group for a Lecture designed to help Members improve their ‘wellness’. The event will take place as a ‘live’ presentation from our Gym, with remote access available via Zoom Link:

(you will receive a diary invitation)

21st Century Wellness: notes from an amateur Bio-Hacker

This first event features a presentation and online webinar by one of our members and a Club Director, who happens to be a ‘bio-hacker’ - David Moloney. Turning 50 as a typical overweight stressed-out male CEO, David applied his consulting skills to the fast growing and increasingly saturated world of bio-hacking and wellness, Doctors, Professors, gurus, and social media wannabees, to develop a reliable path forward for himself and his family. Now 57, David has shaved more than 10 years from his biological age and has enjoyed near-perfect health markers as he pursues his many passions.


David’s presentation will address:

- aligning your lifespan, healthspan and wealthspan

- a research-led "Venn diagram" approach to aging well and even reversing your biological age

- David's regime which tries to maximise balance and fun, but also achieve excellent results in BOTH HEALTHSPAN AND LIFESPAN

- sensible places to start your own journey, or improve from where you are

So, join us in the RACA Gym on Wednesday June 26 at 5pm, and maybe learn something that will change your life!


RACA Gym & Wellness SIG
‘to keep the body in good health is a duty,
otherwise, we will not be able to keep our mind strong and clear’


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