The RAOLC (Regular Army Officer’s Lunch Club) was started after the Imperial Services Club (ISC) closed down in Sydney and was subsequently Incorporated into the RACA in 1986.  Two Regular Army Officer friends, George Ball and Barry Tinkler, who dined together on a regular basis at the ISC then lunched at the RACA. They then invited a list of Regular Army Officers to join them. By agreement with the RACA the RAOLC was born. Members of the RAOLC do not have to be members of the RACA to attend lunches. In recent years, members of The Duntroon Society (NSW Branch) who are on a wider distribution list of serving and retired Army Officers, have been invited to attend monthly lunches as well as the half yearly Graduation lunches. At the  July 2020 lunch, changes were proposed, in the interest of encouraging greater attendance and to reflect the integration of the Army Reserve into Regular Army structure. The word “Regular” was removed and the term “The Army Officer’s Lunch” was adopted, with agreement from RACA and the surviving “founder” of RAOLC, Barry Tinkler.

The Army Officer’s Lunch Club is for serving and retired Army Officers (men and women) and their occasional guests. On limited special occasions and by mutual agreement, other service related organisations and commemorative events may join the RAOLC for lunch. These may include events such as Military Anniversaries, RMC Duntroon Graduations and book launches  on military topics. These are often arranged through RACA Functions but may be initiated by the Convenors of AOLC.

Meetings: The Army Officer’s Lunch Club meets on the second Friday of each month, excluding January. The normal venue for the lunch is the ISC Room on Level 4 of the Club. Members meet in the Members bar on Level 3 from 1200hrs. Bookings may be made by telephone to 02 8273 2320 or by email to and should be in by C.O.B on the Wednesday before the event. An email reminder in a newsletter format is sent out to all registered members before the event. Members may also be advised of other significant news by this means from time to time.

A Melbourne Cup Function which includes wives/partners is also part of the Army Officer’s Lunch Club Calendar. Arrangements are usually announced in September/October and bookings are on a first come first served basis due to limited seating.