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At the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, our top priority is the health and safety of our Members, Guests and Staff. 

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When this lockdown’s finished
And Just Infantry meets again,
I shall have two dozen oysters 
Washed down with cold champagne.
Whilst revelling in the banter,
The teasing and the fun,
The sharing of experience
And the witty pun.
And when my bottle’s empty
And the World, it’s ills we’ve slain
I’ll have Kevin bring more oysters 
Along with more champagne.

From Mr Michael Shave, RACA Member since 2012

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How can I prove I’m fully vaccinated?

You can prove you are fully vaccinated through your:

Where can I access my proof of vaccination?

You can access your proof of vaccination (COVID-19 digital certificate or immunisation history statement) using:

How can I get proof in hard copy?

  • You can ask your vaccination provider to print your immunisation history statement.
  • You can also call the Australian Immunisation Register on 1800 653 809 and ask them to send your statement to you. It can take up to 14 days to arrive in the post.

COVID info for country members to know and certain LGA’s
  • The public health order prohibits people from entering or leaving Greater Sydney for exercise, a holiday, or recreational purposes, irrespective of whether they are vaccinated;
  • People who are not fully vaccinated or exempt are also prohibited from leaving their LGA for a holiday or recreational purposes, but may leave their LGA for exercise;
  • This means that Greater Sydney residents cannot attend a club in a regional area for recreational activities such as eating or drinking, or to play sports such as golf or bowls;
  • Likewise, those residing outside Greater Sydney may not enter Greater Sydney for recreational activities such as eating or drinking, or to play sports such as golf or bowls;
  • Businesses are not required to ensure that visitors are compliant with the travel rules, but clubs may wish to do so;
  • Greater Sydney includes Central Coast, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Shellharbour for the purposes of this requirement.

What if I can’t get vaccinated?
Subject to the legislation which mandates vaccinations, people who can’t be vaccinated may be permitted to enter the club if they obtain a “contraindication certificate” in the approved form (which can be found here). Please consult your medical practitioner for further information. It is likely that we will only be permitted to accept a medical exemption in the approved form.

How will the club know my proof of vaccine or medical exemption is authentic?
At our discretion, we may attempt to verify that your “proof of vaccine” is authentic. We remind you that it is a federal offence to falsify this information.

Where can I find more information?
Further information on accessing and proving your vaccination status can be found on the Services Australia website (here) and the NSW Government website (here).

Are Masks Mandatory?
Masks are mandatory for all patrons 12 years and older in all indoor areas of the club unless seated and eating or drinking.

New check-in card if you can’t check-in with your mobile phone

COVID Check in card

 The new COVID-19 check-in card is a printed card with a QR code unique to you that has your contact details. It means you can easily check-in when you visit a business, simply present your card to a staff member who will scan it for you.

The check-in card isn’t mandatory. It’s another way to check-in to businesses if you don't have a mobile, or if you find it difficult to check-in with your mobile.

Checking-in is the best way for NSW Health’s contact tracers to advise you if you have been at a location at the same time as a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Once you've created your card, it can be posted to you, or you can download a printable version to print out at home. If you need help getting your COVID-19 check-in card please call Service NSW on 13 77 88.



COVID Protocols                                   

We are committed to delivering a clean and safe environment through a number of health and safety protocols

Our highest priority in these changing times is the health, safety, and security of our Members, Guests, Visitors, Team members, and Contractors. COVID-19 has heightened our health awareness and we have changed our procedures to adapt to the ‘new normal’. We have developed a set of COVID-19 safety protocols, which are now in place, to ensure that you feel confident when next visiting or staying with us.

We hope members guests will enjoy their RACA experience, safe in the knowledge that the highest standard of health and hygiene protocols are being stringently applied.

The initiatives below have been adopted to support our top priority in protecting the safety and well-being of our members, guests, and colleagues.



Covid Protocols updated 23112021 page 1 min

Covid Protocols updated 23112021 page 2 min2

For the safety and health of our staff and the whole community, we are also asking all our members and guests to practice good general hygiene and if feeling unwell, to remain at home.

For further information we encourage you to visit the Australian Government Department of Health website for the latest information.

We will continue to monitor the situation and Government health and workplace advice and update you with any significant developments.

For any specific enquiries regarding reservations, please contact the relevant hotel you are looking to book into.

Thank you for your understanding and support and we look forward to seeing you soon.

RACA Management


RACA Meet Safe

Together with our audio-visual partners, RACA is adjusting meeting formats, equipment packages, and providing recommendations that reduce risk and promote health within our meeting spaces.

Meeting design including amended room layout, traffic flow, technology considerations and enhanced cleaning procedures are at the heart of this offering, in addition to our broader RACA Safe initiatives.


  • Smaller groups and suggestions on best use of full venue.
  • Frequent use of multiple rooms and multiple venues.
  • Expectation not all attendees will be in the venue.


  • Virtual/Hybrid components will be common. 
  • Enhancements to compliment new meeting designs and requirements including sound, aesthetics, single use items.


  • Physical distancing will increase the space requirements and (likely) reduce room capacities.
  • Chair/Table layouts will change
  • Increased directional signage for delegate movements.


  • Enhanced cleaning for high touch items.
  • 'Set and Leave’ for multiple uses in rooms.

These strengthened procedures are designed to give you greater confidence, and our RACA Team the protection needed.



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