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At the Royal Automobile Club of Australia, our top priority is the health and safety of our Members, Guests and Staff. 

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When this lockdown’s finished
And Just Infantry meets again,
I shall have two dozen oysters 
Washed down with cold champagne.
Whilst revelling in the banter,
The teasing and the fun,
The sharing of experience
And the witty pun.
And when my bottle’s empty
And the World, it’s ills we’ve slain
I’ll have Kevin bring more oysters 
Along with more champagne.

From Mr Michael Shave, RACA Member since 2012

Media Release NSW Government

Did you know that a number of Australian organisations have started offering vaccinated rewards – some examples include:

  • Qantas has launched a new incentive program which will reward vaccinated passengers with ‘mega prizes’ such as unlimited travel for a year and flight vouchers/credits.
  • HAG Imports are offering fully vaccinated staff with $100 Myer vouchers.
  • Melbourne cinemas Classic Cinema and Lido are providing free popcorn and choc-tops to vaccinated customers.
  • Virgin Australia has launched a competition open to fully vaccinated Australians with the lucky winner receiving one million Velocity Frequent Flyer Points.
  • Luxury Escapes is offering $200 million in vouchers to vaccinated travellers.


Through these challenging times we are committed to ensuring that all members, guests and staff feel safe through maintaining a high standard of safety COVID-19 protocols. These protocols have been put in place to safeguard anyone who enters the Club and we respectfully ask anyone visiting to abide by the rules put in place, for the safety of yourself and others.


Personality is how you respond on a typical day.
Character is how you show up on your worst day.
It is easy to demonstrate fairness, integrity and generosity when things are going well.
The real question is whether you stand by those values when the deck is stacked against you.


New check-in card if you can’t check-in with your mobile phone

COVID Check in card

 The new COVID-19 check-in card is a printed card with a QR code unique to you that has your contact details. It means you can easily check-in when you visit a business, simply present your card to a staff member who will scan it for you.

The check-in card isn’t mandatory. It’s another way to check-in to businesses if you don't have a mobile, or if you find it difficult to check-in with your mobile.

Checking-in is the best way for NSW Health’s contact tracers to advise you if you have been at a location at the same time as a confirmed COVID-19 case.

Once you've created your card, it can be posted to you, or you can download a printable version to print out at home. If you need help getting your COVID-19 check-in card please call Service NSW on 13 77 88.


 Covid Protocols updated 100821

COVID Safe Badge Digital