Since 1903 the Royal Automobile Club of Australia (or RACA) has provided members with the perfect Sydney location to meet, dine, stay or socialise.

The establishment of the Club in 1903 was a response to the need for a body to represent motorists on early legislation affecting the first automobiles on the State’s roads. The Royal Automobile Club of Australia undertook key responsibilities such as the insurance of these early vehicles, and, of equal importance, the issuing of the State’s first ‘competency certificates’ for drivers.

The Royal Automobile Club of Australia today has evolved into one of Sydney’s premier business and special interest Clubs, proudly occupying its heritage-listed headquarters in Macquarie Street, Sydney and a vibrant active and diverse membership from around the country.

The RACA extended the range of ‘pleasure driving; in New South Wales through arrangements for the distribution of petrol, first within a radius of 25 miles of Sydney, and later through an extended area. As such, the Club was a major contributor to the opening up of the State of New South Wales, at a time when the railways were still regarded as the primary future of regional transport. The Club’s organisation of regional and inter-state trials further demonstrated the ability of motor vehicles to provide reliable and speedy transport over the long distances of the newly-federated nation.

The Club also supported Australia’s military efforts from its earliest years. A previous governor of New South Wales, Sir Harry Holdsworth Rawson, braved a 1906 journey from Moss Vale to Macquarie Fields to inspect the contribution of RACA’s Automobile Corps to the Continuous Army Training scheme at Liverpool, arriving successfully despite carburetor troubles and a change of vehicle en-route.

Today the Club continues to prosper with a strong and active membership, fine events programme, accommodation, dining, fitness centre, Valet Parking, business centre facilities and is a sought after function and wedding reception venue.

Your choice to join the Club is a choice to be part of a unique social setting right in the heart of Sydney’s business and events scenes.

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