As times change, so too do our methods of communication. Today, the LinkedIn professional networking Application is synonymous with business and business people staying in touch with one another. As such, The Royal Automobile Club of Australia has its own LinkedIn profile and we use it to keep followers up-to-date with the latest events, offers, articles, announcements and connections available through the Club.

To find us simply log in to the LinkedIn Application ( and fill in the Club’s name in the search bar.

While not every member will have a LinkedIn profile, we encourage those of you who do to follow the Royal Automobile Club of Australia’s LinkedIn profile. We will be adding article of interest to business people as well as announcements of events here.

Unlike other forms of online communication such as emails and our website, LinkedIn allows all followers to connect with each other and comment and discuss content live within the Application.

We hope to see and hear many active members on our LinkedIn page and look forward to your feedback from time to time.



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